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 Shakespeare and Me






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Meriweather has graciously agreed to expound his wealth of accumulated experience, upon request.

Shakespeare and Me - which is me?

This amazing show


Richard Burbage

Greatest Actor of the Age


William Shakespeare

Master Playwright out of Stratford Upon Avon


James Burbage

Founder of The Theatre

and featuring

Queen Elizabeth

King James

The Earl of Essex


The Wit of Will Kempe

And Richard III, Puck, Romeo, Shylock, John O Gaunt, King Henry V, Mark Antony, Gravedigger, Hamlet, Claudio, Feste, Iago, Three Witches, Enobarbus, First Citizen, Coriolanus, Iachimo, Bear, Prospero and Jacques

All performed by one man:

Nicodemus Merriweather.

Forty characters (the same number as Will wrote plays) - one actor; it's got to be seen.

‘We couldn't have enjoyed it more… a tour de force’ - The Swaffham Crier.

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